Problems with OpenVPN Net2Net-Connection


I have connected two IPFire networks via OpenVPN. The connection is established and the two IPFire server find each other and all clients behind them. But the clients behind the IPFire servers find only the other clients of their own network, but not the clients of the other network. What have I do wrong? Any idea?

The same problem i have, when I connect with OpenVPN from external connection to one the IPFire server. The external client finds all clients in the connected network, but not the clients in the Net2Net connected network.

Hope you can help me.



this sounds like the advanced OpenVPN options “Client has access to these networks on IPFire’s site” and “IPFire has access to these networks on the client’s site” are misconfigured.

Further details can be obtained from the wiki. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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Peter Müller

@abc1042 do You have used OpenVPN server to server connection, because of not good functioning IPSEC ? I have still problems with IPSEC tunnel connection - in real it can establish only one (and back) tunnel, other two tunnels are not connected… In old forum nobody answered this NET to NET via IPSEC… :frowning:

I would like to interconnect HQ and two branches - also 3 IPFIRE interconnected sites - where people can browse the LAN of other sites without the need of OpenVPN connection…