Problems updating from core 158 -> 159

Have several systems (but not all) with the following problem. Run through update from v2.25 core 158 → core 159 but Home screen doesn’t show reboot. Reboot anyway but still shows on core 158. Pakfire log shows similar to following on all systems. Hardware varies. Some are Zotac mini PC others are i3 or i5 systems. What is Status 2 (see last line below)?

22:23:47 pakfire: PAKFIRE INFO: IPFire Pakfire 2.25-x86_64 started!
22:23:47 pakfire: CORE INFO: core-list.db is 45695 seconds old. - DEBUG: force
22:23:47 pakfire: DOWNLOAD STARTED: lists/core-list.db
22:23:47 pakfire: MIRROR INFO: 24 servers found in list
22:23:47 pakfire: DOWNLOAD INFO: Host: (HTTPS) - File: pub/linux/ipfire/pakfire2/2.25 -x86_64/lists/core-list.db
22:23:49 pakfire: DOWNLOAD INFO: pub/linux/ipfire/pakfire2/2.25-x86_64/lists/core-list.db has siz e of 903 bytes
22:23:49 pakfire: DOWNLOAD INFO: HTTP-Status-Code: 200 - 200 OK
22:23:49 pakfire: DOWNLOAD INFO: File received. Start checking signature…
22:23:49 pakfire: DOWNLOAD INFO: Signature of core-list.db is fine.
22:23:49 pakfire: DOWNLOAD FINISHED: pub/linux/ipfire/pakfire2/2.25-x86_64/lists/core-list.db
22:23:49 pakfire: CORE UPGR: Upgrading from release 158 to 159
22:23:49 pakfire: PAKFIRE UPGR: core-upgrade-159: Decrypting…
22:23:49 pakfire: CLEANUP: tmp
22:23:49 pakfire: DECRYPT STARTED: core-upgrade-159
22:23:55 pakfire: DECRYPT FINISHED: core-upgrade-159 - Status: 2
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first, welcome to the IPFire community. :slight_smile:

The log message in question is generated by this function, and indicates a problem while trying to decrypt and uncompress the downloaded Core Update. Are you having enough space left on the /var partition of your installation?

The downloaded update should be still available at /var/cache/pakfire/core-upgrade-*.ipfire. Please post the output of the following commands here:

TEMPDIR="$( mktemp -d )"
cp /var/cache/pakfire/core-upgrade-*.ipfire .
gpg -d --batch --output - < *.ipfire
file *

In addition, the output of df -h might be helpful.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

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Another problem maybe generated by low free RAM in the system.
I know this issue from my previous system (ALIX). The last updates went through with ‘manual assistance’, only. :wink:
So the output of free -s 2 ( on another shell ) during the gpg command might be helpful also.

I am only using about 6% of disk. What I did to fix on the system at the office was to “flush” the .ipfire files in /var/cache/pakfire, then go back to the GUI interface an refresh available updates. Update went through just fine this time. Will try on a couple of other systems that were being cantankerous to see if fixes there as well. Thanks for you help :slight_smile:

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