Problems about Installation on APU Board

Hi there. I am using IPFire on an other machine. Now i want to install it on an APU Board.

  1. The first step works: Install via USB-Stick on the SSD-SATA Harddrive with PUTTY-Session.
  2. But after first Boot from the Harddrive it hangs after the Input of the Password for the admin.
    Thank for your attention.

If you are able to log in as root, then have a look at /var/log/mesages.

This should be fixed in Core Update 145. Are you running that version?

Ok. No. I`ve try the Core Upd. 144. Now i change my Installstick to the new version
and try it with your prefer version and tell what happens.
Oh. And i forget to tell: I have change the firmware via tinycore-firmware updater. There was an strange thing, i type 1 character and it shows me 2 characters.

With very old versions of the APU bios there was a menu to disable the Int10 character output to the serial console but this was removed. Syslinux clone the output to int10 and the serial console so if a redirect is enabled you get every char twice.

Only syslinux should affected, ater kernel boot it should work correct so best is to ignore this.

As i described, it shows only as i boot the Tiny-Linux-Updater for the Firmware-Update.
The Update-Process works as it should.
Now its the BIOS version
coreboot build 20202905
BIOS version v4.12.0.1
SeaBIOS (version rel-
fresh upgedatet.

What is your opinion about my real problem for setup the ipfire-distro on this board ?
Should i really have to use the very latest version ?
Because IPFIRE and APU-Boards are not really new.

What is you real problem now? The admin password hung is fixed with core145.;a=commit;h=97b1857ba47f0e94896976028e99a3275328c819

You can also finish the 144 setup if you connect and disconnect an usb device some times to generate some entropie bit’s

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Dear Mister Arne_F,

Yes, after i install the APU with the newest version, it works.
But there are little,little,little problems. I ll tell you next time.

Not at all: Thanks for your great work, not alone for this time.