Problem with backups in core update 165, too

Hi there, there is a problem with backups in core update 165, too.
When I backup on one ipfire, the backup cannot be restored on another machine.
Not sure this is the same issue.

Could you be more specific?

Did you start with a backup of CU 164?

And then restore to CU 165?

What errors or problems did you find?

Hi John,

upgrade 164 to 165. Reboot.
System backup without logs on IPfire 1.
Restore the backup file tkane on IPfire 1 on IPfire 2 (same release 165).
No error messages, but I can see changes I made on static DHCP assignments on IPfire 1 did not make it to IPfire 2 and the hostname did not change either.

I tried backup downloads to both a Windows PC and on a Linux machine, no difference.
The .ipf files created seem to be gzip’ed tar files.
When I try to tar xvfz this file, it starts on older backups but provides an instant error message on this new backup file. Indicates to me that the problem is on IPfire 1 when the backup file gets created.

Hence the Workaround referenced here: Broken Backup


Hi @pkuehn

It seems you could now upgrade IPfire 1.& 2 to the new c166 – which has the broken backup fix.
Then you should be able to take a backup from 1 and restore it to 2.