Problem setting up a local DNS server for clients

I have a problem trying to setup a pi-hole dns server correctly.

I have the pi-hole server residing in the green zone (
The pi-hole is setup to use IPFire as external DNS server (

IN the Domain Name System of IPFire I have a valid external network.

In the Advanced Web Proxy Configuration of IPFire I have Advanced Web Proxy enabled and transparent on green with the default ports (proxy: 800 & transparent: 3128) and no Upstream Proxy configuration.

In the DNS Forward Configuration I have one entry Green (DNSSEC disabled) pointing to the ip of pihole ( and enabled.

I am expecting all clients in the Green zone to automatically use pi-hole as DNS server, unfortunately my browsers requests do not seem to use pihole but go straight to the IPFire DNS server.

I am also aware that internally, between my clients and pihole, DNSSEC will not be operational.

The pihole log show no activities and the blocks do not work.

What am I missing here?

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