Printer discover traffic

I have an HP printer on the Green zone, with a static IP address. Devices on same network ( can somehow discover the printer; I think a client looking for a printer broadcasts to port 631, and then the printer responds and all is good.

Can I make a rule that will allow the Blue zone ( to have a broadcast message on port 631 sent to and then have the printer respond? I guess this is some kind of NAT rule?

Short answer yes. I would think so.
But wrong port.

You may need to use mDNS repeater.
Installed and setup if you want auto discovery.
And of course open firewall ports for blue to printer.
Can set up printer manually with out mDNS repeater.

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thanks. I added the mDNS package (mDNS-repeater) from pakFire and printer discovery is working, and it is printing. That was much easier than expected.