PPPoE setup parameters


long time Ipfire user, but now with a new provider.

The provider requires:
PPPoE routed, incapsulation PTM, NAT active, VLAN 835

In the Dialup page, I don’t see the fields that should be filled with these values…

Please forgive me if it’s a silly question…

Thanks for your comments,

I think you have to access the console, re-run setup, and change the red interface:

Wiki: Network setup


thanks for your kind reply, but in setup/network address/red interface there is only:

() PPP DIALUP (PPPoE, modem, ATM …) │
│ DHCP Hostname: ipfire_____│
│ Force DHCP MTU: ________│
│ IP address: ___ │
│ Network mask:
│ Gateway:

I believe this is standard configuration.

  • Select PPP in “setup”
  • Select VDSL on the web user interface and set the VLAN ID and put in any user credentials you got

That should work

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thanks, but cannot see where to enter the encapsulation in the web user interface, or the VLAN 835 (is this the VLAN ID, btw?)…


Yes. Try, it should work.

Wiki: dialup

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