Possible Issue: Samsung Devices when connecting to IPFIRE requesting Captive Portal when Captive Portal has not been enabled

Version: IPFire version: IPFire 2.23 (i586) - core139 (and earlier noted)

Is anyone else experiencing this issue (intermittently):

Samsung Devices (i.e. S8, Galaxy Tab 3) with January security updates, when connecting to IPFIRE-centred system, requesting captive Portal authentication when the Captive Portal is disabled…

Clear all proxy caches, restart the transparent proxyand then restart server and issues go away for a little while !

How can the Captive Portal system be COMPLETELY ELIMINATED from IPFIRE in order to diagnose this issue?

Should the Captive Portal be implemented as a PAK enhancement rather than a core feature?

I have noted issues with the captive portal system, along this nature, before …