Possible improvement for the Captive Portal

Goodnight everyone.

I am seeing that the Captive Portal lacks a bit of maturity so it cannot be applied in all scenarios and it is a shame.

I have come up with an idea to solve the problem of equipment from which the terms cannot be accepted and thus, make them work, say, IP phones, Printers, PLCs that are obligatorily on the LAN.

I’ve been thinking about the MAC Filtering section in “Wireless Configuration”. The devices appear automatically to be able to add them to the White List so that they can navigate through the Wifi.

In an IPFire that has the Captive Portal activated, the PCs have to accept the terms and by the way, couldn’t the Captive Portal work similar to “Wireless Configuration”?

When IPFire detects a new request to the Captive Portal from a device that has not accepted the terms, it appears in a list to be able to add it manually in a white list that allows communication forever.

I think all the work is done, since it would be very similar to “Wireless Configuration” (well, you would have to touch a little code, but surely almost everything is already done).

Or better yet, it would be the bomb. From WIO, once the LAN or Wifi network has been scanned, there is a box that automatically adds that device to the white list of the Captive Portal.

Surely more than one would appreciate it.

What do you think?.


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