Possible bug with IPFire OpenVPN


There is a possible BUG with OpenVPN and IPFire when using the following encryption settings:

When the Clients try to connect to the OpenVPN Client, it gives them an error and the following appears in the IPFire Logs:

Options error: Unrecognized option or missing or extra parameter(s) in /var/ipfi re/ovpn/server.conf:25: auth (2.4.8)

The OpenVPN Service does not start on IPFire. You have to access the file “/var/ipfire/ovpn/server.conf” and comment the line “auth” with a #auth.

So, start the Service without problems and everything works Ok.

I know using this type of encryption is not recommended, but even that, if it is, should work. Changing it would be a matter of redoing all Client certificates and that’s a lot of work. :shushing_face:


Hi Roberto,
can you stop the server, press the save button and create a new test connection to see if the --auth line is then also included in the client.ovpn ? Have tried that also with SHA1 and it works here.



Thanks Erik for your answer.

Puff, I do not dare since it is in at least two IPFire that are in Production and how in Spain we are supposedly confined, the Users are using it.

Better when the Covid-19 passes. :mask:

Thanks for everything.

Your welcome,
take the time it takes/you_need .