Ports Lan > Wan open, but blocked?

Hi there,

I installed ipfire IPFire 2.27 (x86_64) - Core-Update 172 without Proxy.
The Firewall-Ports are shown below:

GREEN → RED → TCP 27000 - 270050

The Firewall-Log show, that the Port TCP 27028 was blocked. Why?

The other ports like 53, 80,443 and so on will not blocked.
The default firewall behaviour for “forward” is blocked (drop_forward).

May anybody explain, why the port is blocked although I opend the port 27028?

Hi there!

You need to open a range of ports for steam. You just opened RED 27050. You may look at our settings for steam.

Greetings, Wayne

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The other option is to create a “service group”
Create your services
and create your service groups
Gamers, nongamers, admin, server, etc.


I thougt I typed a range from 27000 until 27050.

This means, that I put a colon “:” for example 27000:27050.

Now it works!!!
Thanks all for your help!