Hello everybody,
I am a bit confused. I run an IPFire on an old Astaro Security Gateway and everything went great. At some point, the hard drive was broken (in the Astaro is not a raid possible) and I changed the hard drive. Instead of the backup, I just installed fresh - the configuration is done quickly.

Now the problem: A port forwarding works only conditionally. I forwarded port 80 and 443 (HTTP and HTTPS) to an IP in the Orange network. Has never been a problem for at least 2 years. Now this only works sporadically. Sometimes I come to the “page”, sometimes a timeout comes. When the timeout comes, I can continue to access the local network, only stop externally. Thus, I have checked whether the forwarding is not or the service is not available on the server. The service is available throughout.

I have no idea now how I can find the problem and - at best - fix it. Ideas where to start looking? Which logs? What do I have to look for?

Many thanks for the help.

Would you please publish screenshots in english of your setup, starting from the port forwarding/firewall rule?
Feel free to hide public ip addresses.

Thank you for your message.
I just attached the one screenshot because I want to know which ones you still want to see.

Man, it’s HUGE. And that’s not a good thing, you could resize a your browser window! :smiley:
Few suggestions:

  • Add to your Hosts, will ease a lot the ip change of your device.
  • Firewall interface should be “the correct one”, so Orange.
  • Source should be RED (unless the port forwarding should also work from GREEN, but… there could be a lot of thinking about that)

Backup before have try…

Thanks for your tip. Do you think so? Unfortunately that does not work. So I already tried it. Now I have no access from outside.

Sorry, now in english:

I found the mistake! Outside of IPFire! The name servers of the DynDNS provider are not synchronized. In the secondary NS is still the old IP.

I was just lucky with the idea to query the two nameservers individually.

Thank you so much for your help.

Three more tips: