Point specific traffic to specific internal IP address

Hi all, I have a somewhat complicated question so please bear with me. Let me itemise my setup:
1: I have IPfire as my firewall/router connected to a static IP address.
2: I have my own mailserver (Kerio Connect) and webserver (XAMPP) which I host at home, running on Server 2022.
My issue is that Apache is not logging access to my website properly (not showing the full domain name) which results in my stats app (AWStats) not reporting correctly.
I suspect it is beacuse both my email server and webserver are on the same internal IP address (192.168.0.) so what I would like to do in IPfire, if possible, is set up a rule that says " if traffic comes in for Kerio go to IP 192.168.0. and if traffic for my website comes in then go to IP 192.168.0.**. Can this be done in IPFire and if so, how would I go about acheiving this? Note that I can bind both of these services to their own IP address, it is not a problem.
Thank you.

I would expect that the ports being used for Kerio and XAMPP are different so you should be able to do a Port Forward to the appropriate IP address depending on the port of the incoming traffic.

By the way, don’t use an asterisk for the undefined octet as that will be taken by the forum software as the starting point to format the text in italics until it reaches the next asterisk. A pair of asterisks will be taken as format in bold until the next set of double asterisks.
It is best to use an x or xx.

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LOL, ah ok, re asterisk, did not know that, thank you.
REgarding ports, yes, Kerio is on port 8843 and Apache is on 443 so no issue there either

Don’t worry, it’s easy to do, have done it myself. You can go back and edit your own post to replace the asterisks with x’s.

Then a Port Forward firewall rule should work fine for you.

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Thank you, sir, will go through that and hopefully resolve my issue