Plugging second MSATA SSD into APU2?

Does anyone know if it is possible to use one of the mPCIe slots on an APU2 device to plug in a second MSATA card? Or does only the first slot support MSATA?

I would like to copy the configuration file of IPFire from a broken installation on an MSATA to a new MSATA on another APU board.

Thank you.

not possible

only “J12” is for mSATA - “J13” & “J14” is for miniPCIe Cards only… →

few Years ago i had similar thought for regularly Backup


You could use e.g. an ‘Inateck [Unterstützt UASP] USB 3.0 M50 mSATA Aluminium SSD Gehäuse Adapter Case mit USB 3.0 Datenkabel für M50 mSATA SSD’ available e.g. @ Amazon. Plug in your ipfire mSATA card there and use a (Linux OS) PC to extract data or to make a clone copy.

Hi Ewald, thank you. That is likely the easiest way to go. I had actually ordered a similar one at Amazon, but for some reason Amazon sent me an email that it got lost on the way and reinstated the cost. I’ll have a look at the one you recommended.

There is a SATA interface though. A user would need the right cable, a third party case or modding the standard enclosure. A friend of mine has taken a SATA to mSATA board adapter (like this one), fixed it on a wood frame with the APU next to it, cut the case to let the cable out and screwed the whole thing on the wall. Then, on the firmware the order of the boot load is first the external mSATA and then the internal one. When he wants to boot from the external disk, he just needs to connect the cable.

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