Please add Prometheus Exporter

Well only because I did not found Prometheus anywhere here, I add the request for a Prometheus Export for firewalls, basically it*s a JSON webservice listening on a port (default 9100) with a scraper before (how to develop).

P.S. No this is not an promoting ad for Prometheus. I am just using it for my own servers and would be happy to include my firewalls somehow.

P.S.S. I would contribute the development with a small bounty, maybe we find some more conributors?

This would be really excellent. We’re doing all of our monitoring with alerting in Prometheus / Grafana (especially in light of the recent SolarWinds debacle) and IPFire will need to confirm to that model eventually as well.

Hi @teejay and @scaredycrow,

To get Prometheus Exporter built as an add-on then someone who wants this package and has the capability to test it needs to build it.

This link gives information on how to do this. Initially this can be done as a local add-on. Once the add-on has been proved to work successfully then a patch can be provided into the development mailing list following this link.

Without someone being willing to take this package up then I doubt it will get done.
The core developers are focussing on the core programs in IPFire and there are a lot of things being worked on and only a small group of core developers.
There are already several monitoring add-ons in IPFire - Icinga, Monit, Nagios, Zabbix Agent and Observium Agent.