Please add a Wish List Catagory

How about a Wish List so that users can Suggest / Request New features.
For example, Long ago Norton Commander was a text based, menu driven tool that
allowed users to create menus to run programs. I wish there was such a tool that
could be used on the root console to run tools such as vnstat, etc.

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Hello Gary,

welcome to our new community.

I deliberately did not add such an area because it comes with a couple of problems:

  • We are currently an underfunded and overworked project - I guess that is pretty normal for any Open Source project. However, there is not much time to add things to the whole TODO list that are not really an absolute priority right now.
  • I would rather encourage people to work on things themselves and have the development team help out where help is needed. That would help us to grow the development team and shift responsibility to keep things updated on to more shoulders.

Votes in the past always show that everyone wants to have all the features - even if people don’t need them for themselves, why would they say no to something? Maybe the will need it later.

Some users started polls or tried in other ways to put pressure on developers and I can guarantee you that we are already having enough of that.

However, that does not mean that we cannot talk about what kind of features would be nice to have in IPFire.

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