Planned downtime of

Hello everyone,

in the coming week, we are going to move our infrastructure in our data center where most of is hosted from one rack to another one.

As we prefer to avoid hosting the essential parts of our infrastructure in the cloud, we have to do some maintenance of the existing hardware, upgrade some of it, and move everything to a new space as we are slightly expanding.

So it might come to some limited or slower availability of some services and there will be a complete downtime of hopefully not longer than one hour on Monday were everything will be unplugged and carried elsewhere.



Good call. Sane decision. Excellent policy.

I can’t say that it is pain free.

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Are we currently in a planned outage ?
I tried sending below to but the email bounced with Failure Notice
I’m getting 503 Service Unavailable @ www, blog, wiki, nightly
Attempting to access any of:
results in …
503 Service Unavailable
No server is available to handle this request.

Seen that too

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It will all come back hopefully in a couple of hours…


usually facing short term pain signals a long term thinking. In other words, a good decision.

And we are off for hopefully around an hour… :crossed_fingers:

Good job, Team!

All servers have been moved to a new rack and we are back on again…

In a couple of days, we will start to replace a few of the servers, but no further downtime is expected.