Pir2s - can not connect to the serial console

Hi Community,
i am pretty new to the topic. I have a question which is not directly regarding to the problem of the thread opener but i think also short circuit.

But. I have the pir2s and did the same like you to install ipfire on the machine. But i can not connect to the serial console.
I bought the usb uart TTL adapter connect the three pins. Used putty /minicom no chance to get any output of the little bastard :wink:

May you give me an hint idea or link to an document?

Thank You very much

Hi @jenswbn

I follow the connection scheme of the NanoPI R1, that is, I put the colors in Gr, Tx and Rx according to the image.

Connect a USB-TTL uart cable like this:
G - Ground - Black
V - Volts - don't connect
T - R1 Transmit - PC rxd Receive Data - White (or yellow)
R - R1 Receive - PC txd Transmit Data - Green (or orange)

Now you can use the same procedure as other serial devices to setup.
minicom --device /dev/ttyUSB0
Set for baud: 115,200 parity:8 data:N stop:1

If you do it with Putty, put the corresponding COM port and 115200 in Baud.

With that it should work.


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This pic is from the R1S but the serial console on R2S is the same


Hi, thanks for your replies. I think i see my problem. It sits right in fron of the monitor :wink: i didnt put the connection like RX and Destination TX which is logical. But after many hours of work sometimes…

update…since putting the correct TX/RX it works and i could configuere the beast . Great. Thx