PiHole and IPFire - Force DNS traffic to PiHole


there are already some topics here about PiHole and IPFire, but in respect with this thread, I need some advice.

When running a PiHole in LAN, is the correct setup to force all clients to PiHole by using some custom FW rules as linked above. Additionally set up IPFire’s own DNS configuration to external as it is at the moment, but configure DHCP to use PiHole?

Or what is the correct setup in this case?

In my case the pihole itself is the DHCP for the clients and thus passes itself as DNS server to the clients. In Pihole itself Ipfire is configured as DNS and in IPFire the DNS servers of LWL
Works wonderfully.

Thanks for your reply!

Unfortunately this won’t work in my current setup, since I’m using the green, the orange and the blue network as well. I guess that PiHole is not capable of serving different networks with different IP address ranges.

May be I will use PiHole’s IP address as the one and only DNS server in IPfire and I will not change anything in my current config, however, I guess I will loose the DNSSEC advantages of IPFire afterwards.

Could you setup Pi-Hole to use ipfire DNS.and block all from Ipfire’s DNS except Pi-hole.
Use Pi-hole as local DNS for Clients, eveyone else

Ipfire DNS
Pi-hole DNS
Pi-hole DNS to clients
Address range

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