PI4 8GB not passing rainbow screen

Hi, i am trying to get IPfire to work on the brand new pi4 8gb, but i can’t pass the rainbow screen. I have tested other images, other distributions they all work, so the pi is ok. I changed the SD cards, i added the add hdmi_safe=1, u have the config file SERIAL-CONSOLE=OFF.

I can’t find the reason why it not boots to the console and mounts the os.

I redownloaded also the last version again, it all looks fine but … seems it is not.


any clue why it stops loading the os?



From the wiki, wiki.ipfire.org - Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

Download the current aarch64 version here.

The flash image for the aarch64 is …

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Thanks, i wil check that one, but i think it will solve the issue. It should :slight_smile: