Passthrough VPN?

Forgive me if this has already been asked. I’d like to setup a Passthrough VPN where my VPN clients run all their traffic through IPfire. The reason is pretty basic. When I am on my mobile hotspot, my carrier restricts traffic over various ports. As an IT Professional, this prevents me from managing many services. Example: most cPanel ports are blocked (2081,2087, 2095, 2096) and various custom ports required by my customers. I’d like to be able to VPN into IPfire and utilize that internet connection for my work traffic.

My goal would also include making this a wiki for other users.


If you are using OpenVPN you select under Advanced Server Options the checkbox Redirect-Gateway def1.

Instead if you ant to use IPSEC, you should obtain the same result by simply selecting as Local Subnet and doing nothing more, however to get more info you can red more on this tread, where the Original Poster wanted to accomplish the opposite and have a split tunnel.

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