Parted not available any longer?


with my raspberry pi 4b I could not install parted via pakfire. Is it not available any longer or not for aarch64 only?

Thank you for any reply!

I updated it from version 3.4 to 3.5 in April this year so it definitely should be available but looking into pakfire it is missing from the list. I don’t know why. I will ask about this on the development mailing list.

There is gptfdisk available in the pakfire list. It was introduced in Feb 2022. That may be helpful to you, unless it is a non gpt drive you want to partition, until we find out what happened to parted.

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I just accessed my RPi4B device and it is missing from there.

As Adolf stated there is no parted in the pakfire list.

@woldo123 - you should probably add a bug report

Adding a bug report will help make sure the Development team reviews this information.

Login using your IPFire email address and the IPFire password.

Information to add a bug report in IPFire Bugzilla:

I just confirmed by checking the packages-list.db and it is defintely not in there so it looks like it has unintentionally been removed from the packages-list on the IPFire server.

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Thanks for your kind replies! I will report a bug tomorrow.

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I have found out what is happening here with parted.

It is no longer an addon because in 2018 it was moved into the core programs of IPFire so all installations have it as standard.

I will be adjusting the wiki and the lfs file to reflect this status.


Hi Adolf,

thank you very much for your reply and for your solution. I figured that out after a comprehensive search with mc, but it took it’s time… I’ve not tried to use parted as a command though since I went a different road to setup ipfire, so I did’nt need parted any longer. If I try again and it fails, I will be back here.