Pakfire upgrade to specific version

I have a test env (on 159). Currently, the latest version is 162.

Can pakfire upgrade to 160 and stop?
From the pakfire command, <upgrade> will install the latest version of all paks.


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I do not think is possible, or at least if it is, is not documented. I think you have to do it the hard way: backup the settings, install from scratch 160, restore the settings.

hi @pavlos @cfusco,

I also wondered if it is possible to upgrade to specific version and I consider that it makes sense.

Sometimes, adding a lag between an core update and its release in production for a customer seems to me to be an advantage, especially in the case of remote management.

I too am very interested in this option if it is possible…


No it is not possible to do.

The code looks at what the existing release is and then what the current latest release is and does an update from existing to current latest release.

I confirmed this by setting up a VM with Core Update 159 and it came up with Notice: There is a core update available from 159 to 162 and running it did the update to Core Update 162.

Changing it would require some significant modification of the code and I am not convinced that the Core Devs would support that work.

I would think that the simplest approach is to test it out on a test system (VM or physical) before running the update on the production machine(s).

I assume you made a typo – mine in the exact same setup upgraded to 162.
I could not stop it at 160. Command was: # pakfire upgrade 160
If the code needs significant mods, let’s table this for a future nice-to-have.

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Thanks Paul, I have corrected the typo from 159 to 162 :grin:
My test was with the WUI and you could not select anything intermediate.