Pakfire offline

Hi to all,

First time installed 2.25-153 via PXE.


Why i586? It’s an old (uname: i686 AMD Athlon II 160u) but 64bit CPU.
Tried x86-64 but the PXE installer won’t let me install that one.
(Debian 10 is amd64)


Installing to get routed IPTV working so I need igmpproxy.

The pakfire service is unavailable so I downloaded from another server manually.
Checked on another computer in the browser and an online tool.
pakfire does an update as first step anyway so I can’t install add-ons.

Do you have a solution? Can I configure a mirror for pakfire?
In the settings file there is only a release setting (stable/testing).


welcome to the IPFire community. :slight_smile:

This sounds like your firewall cannot resolve any FQDN, therefore being unable to resolve any Pakfire mirror. Could you please check your DNS setup is working properly (it’s documentation can be accessed here in case you need it)?

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

Hi Peter,

Pakfire has updated and igmpproxy is installed.
What has changed I don’t know.

On another computer in same LAN in the browser I get:
Service Unavailable
IPFire also connects to poert 443. What is the difference?

Why were there log entries like this:
DOWNLOAD INFO: HTTP-Status-Code: 500 Can't connect to 443
Status code 500 is Internal Server error so that must be of the webserver of my IPFire host. Am I correct?
I expected the code to be the return code of the request so sent by

Installed from USB stick with x86-64 iso instead PXE.
Now it is 64bit :smiley: