Pakfire: downgrading package

I already found the man pages for pakfire but couldn’t find a way to downgrade cups, since the current release is broken and needs to be downgraded in productive environments in order to print at all.

That isn’t possible as the addon server only has the current version available on it.

The only options, beyond waiting for Core Update 175, that I can think of are

  1. If you are willing, in the short term, to run the administration page with http and not https then editing the line Encryption Required in /var/ipfire/cups/cupsd.conf will allow the admin pages to be accessed with http.
  2. Build and install a local copy of the cups addon with version 2.4.1 following the details in
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Thanks, but printing is not possible without encryption, so just being able to configure cups doesn’t help here…

Ah, clear.

Then your only option, until Core Update 175 is released for Testing, is number 2 where you have to build your own local copy of cups-2.4.1

Which already exists, so building could be avoided. All I need to know is, how the “.ipfire” files are decrypted in order to untar and install the older release.

Then you would need to read through the pakfire code and any related modules to see how that is carried out.

I don’t have that knowledge.

The code involved, I would expect, is in these three parts but I could also be missing something. I am not familiar with how the pakfire process operates in any detail.



was pretty helpful and decryption is easy:

Download latest cups 2.4.1 release 32 and use gpg to decrypt the file:

gpg -d cups-2.4.1-32.ipfire > cups-2.4.1-32.tar

extract the archive:

tar xaf cups-2.4.1-32.tar

copy the files to:


… run the or script , empty the folder und your’re done :slight_smile:

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