Pakfire cannot update

Hi there, hope everyone is having a nice evening. I am having problems with pakfire since 138. It says it cannot connect to check for updates. Attached is the error … pakfire has not been able to check for updates for 17 days

I looks like your DNS is not working.

Can you confirm that you have working DNS?

Confirmed. Everything is fine and has been since until I upgraded to 138

I thought this additional info might be helpful.

my network topography is

client -> win2012 R2 DNS (DNS forwarder) -> pi-hole -> ipfire gateway

I use IPfire for DHCP. I use cloudflare (

Have a good night.

Is the DNS proxy running? Can you ping something from the command line of the firewall?

I can ping seemingly anything but

I applied the first suggestion in this guide for my setup

Sorry, I just saw that I have DNSWatch ( as my primary and cloudflare ( as my secondary. I just switched it to cloudflare as primary and its fine. This must be a DNSSEC thing

Yes that could be true. is DNSSEC signed.