Pakfire can not connect: No route to host

Hello everyone,

after going into unstable 147 i couldn’t turn back into stable version. Pakfire cannot connect to a forward proxy anymore. I already set back the DNS Server to but doesn’t work. How can I fix that? Any help is welcome.

add. information: there is no Upstream Proxy anymore, but pakfire has this somehow “hardcoded”.

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Oct 31 23:28:21 coach pakfire: DOWNLOAD INFO: Upstream proxy:
Oct 31 23:28:21 coach pakfire: DOWNLOAD INFO: ipfire/pakfire2/2.25-x86_64/lists/core-list.db has size of bytes
Oct 31 23:28:21 coach pakfire: DOWNLOAD INFO: HTTP-Status-Code: 500 - 500 Can’t connect to (connect: No route to host)
Oct 31 23:28:21 coach pakfire: Giving up: There was no chance to get the file lists/core-list.db from any available server. There was an error on the way. Please fix it.
Oct 31 23:28:21 coach pakfire: PAKFIRE INFO: Pakfire has finished. Closing.

If you no longer use an upstream proxy, then the setting is in “Web Proxy”, that is accessible from WUI tab “Network”.

Have you also changed the gateway" that is being used ?. That needs to be set by running “setup” from a console.

Thank you for your prompt answer

Yes, I deactivated the proxy at all (via WUI). Then I changed settings via setup (comand line) to DHCP. IPfire properly took the settings from my ISP. That’s the reason I find it strange pakfire is still trying to connect via upstreem proxy as no upstream proxy is defined. For me it seems that the "upstream proxy is kind of “hardcoded”, or pakfire takes half of the settings from the former stable release 146.