P2P Filter removed in Core Update 165

In Core Update 165 the P2P Filter (i.e. to avoid file sharing of your kids/guests) has been removed, see release note:

  • The P2P filter has been removed because it is outdated technology. Most of the P2P networks that were supported don’t exist for a long time and those which do can easily work around this type of filtering. We recommend using the IPS for filtering this if you still need to.

Now, I got in trouble once because one of my guests was sharing illegal content through BitTorrent, therefore I need this filter. Can someone point me to information available on how to activate that filter by using IPS?


Hi @sebastianstumpf

Welcome to the IPFire community.

If you have the Emergingthreats.net Community Rules Provider selected in IPS then there is a ruleset called
emerging-p2p.rules that you can select.


Thanks you so much! I will activate that ruleset!