Openvpn->wol auto

does anyone know of a way to add a wol to a specific ip in openvpn?
I have tried this with wol tools myself but unfortunately it does not work. Only via web interface.

Maybe this is only possible using TAP instead of TUN device??

ich kann schon über das webinterface wol ausführen. Ich würde aber gern dies automatisiert machen. Ich kann ja auch laufwerke automatisch mappen mit openvpn. Vielleicht kennt jemand eine mögliche Lösung.
Ich melde mich täglich immer mal wieder an und möchte den Klickvorgang dezimieren meinen PC aus dem Ruheschlaf zu wecken in dem er dann ist.
I can already execute wol via the web interface. But I would like to do this automatically. I can also map drives automatically with openvpn. Maybe someone knows a possible solution.
I log in every day from time to time and want to decimate the click process to wake up my PC from the sleep in which it is then.

Hi all,
why not executing the etherwake command via SSH e.g.

ssh -p222 root@IP_IPFire 'etherwake -i $INTERFACE $MAC -D'

? ‘-D’ is for debugging, if it works, you should see a ‘Sendto worked ! 116.’.
May you can do this via script on your remote machine and execute it via double click ?



how do you do that on the command line It’s a windows machine.
in openvpn as client i can create a cmd where i can specify the mapping for drives.
I cannot insert the command for the script here. I would also like to use this for colleagues in a department who want to connect to your PC. But here I should be able to set this automatically and without password

Isn´t that possible with Powershell --> ?

If you restrict the access to IPFire strictly to only yourself this is no good solution. Even if you add an unprivileged user on IPFire to place there a script which you would execute from remote, etherwake needs root privileges to my knowledge.

This should be possible with a public key authentication for SSH --> .

I were not aware that OpenVPN could transport MAC…

you where absolutely right, you would need a bridged VPN (TAP) but IPFire uses a routed (TUN) VPN. The idea above was to transport only the command via SSH through the tunnel but to execute the command on the remote net so no layer 2 is needed on the way.