Openvpn with roadwarior then net to net

I have working openvpn roadwarior server. Then i added net-to-net server and client with the same subnets like roadwarior. Server and client are reporting connection.
Problem is, that ping is not working from server to client and vice versa. The same problem with smb and ipfire gui.

Is problem in firewall or this combination is not possible?

This video recommends firewall rules:

even more firewall rules:

Ipfire wiki says, no firewall rules needed.

it is not clear to me what is your network structure. Could you clarify? Better if you use a diagram, including also the local IP addresses of the machines involved and all the relevant information (careful not to include privacy sensitive data).

Maybe this is what you are trying to do? If yes, you need to set up some firewall rule on the server and client.

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