OpenVPN with Auth-PAM

Dear Community,
today i would to integrate in my OPEN VPN Server an Auth with PAM.

i followed this instructions:

I updated the server.conf and client files.
After the changes i restarted the VPN Service.

When i want login, the msg is User/Password wrong.
I changed again for the user the password and iam sure i typed correctly.

Why is this not working or do i have something additional after adding an user?

This is how it looks in Detail:

Sat Sep 11 20:26:30 2021 [ipfire.localdomain] Peer Connection Initiated with [AF_INET]
Sat Sep 11 20:26:31 2021 MANAGEMENT: >STATE:1631384791,GET_CONFIG,
Sat Sep 11 20:26:31 2021 SENT CONTROL [ipfire.localdomain]: ‘PUSH_REQUEST’ (status=1)
Sat Sep 11 20:26:31 2021 AUTH: Received control message: AUTH_FAILED
Sat Sep 11 20:26:31 2021 SIGUSR1[soft,auth-failure] received, process restarting
Sat Sep 11 20:26:31 2021 MANAGEMENT: >STATE:1631384791,RECONNECTING,auth-failure,
Sat Sep 11 20:26:31 2021 Restart pause, 5 second(s)

Here i type the created Username:Password.
Then the password when i created the connection.
(PKCS12 File Password)

Thanks a lot

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No one with an idea to help?

Hi @wuslor

I have never tried the module so the details of what you are trying to do I can’t help you with.

However you indicate in your information that you made the changes in server.conf and server.client and then restarted the VPN service.

Restarting the VPN service re-writes the server.conf file to the settings defined on the WUI, wiping any modifications that you made.

In the wiki page for the, near the bottom there is a note that you need to follow.

You need to add your additional commands in server.conf.local and client.conf.local and you need to tick the Additional information checkbox on the Advanced server options page.

I have updated the wiki page to include the information from the Note at the end of the page into the actual page commands so the page is now consistent.