OpenVPN, SQL and RDP

I have configured OpenVPN, I can connect and it works, I can ping the computers normally, but neither the RDP nor the SQL Server are accessible. I thought it was the windows 10 firewall but no. I just can’t see the SQL instance, nor can I use the RDP either.

What step could I have missed?

Congratulations! OpenVPN comes into the orange zone. Have a look at Default Firewall rules. There you‘ll see that orange can‘t access green without an explicit rule. That needs to be created (follow the link dmz pinhole there) for a guide.


Another problem can be due to the fact that the IP of the remote device matches the IP of the device in Green that you want to access and cannot reach, since it makes constant loops. Could it be that? To fix this, you will need to select “NONE” in the advanced settings of the OpenVPN Client and manually enter the routing in the .OVPN file.

And the command that you must add in the .OVPN is:

route (ip del equipo)

Another may be that you have not defined the zone correctly (if it is not what I have mentioned previously). To do this, in the same “Advanced client options:”, in “Client has access to these networks on IPFire’s site”, check the corresponding one so that it routes correctly.

You will tell us


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Hello, Hagen. Well I have this explicit rule where I grant OpenVPN access to green.
Pings to private network computers respond.
For example, a ping to 192.168.10.XX It responds to the ping, but if I try to access via RDP, it is unreachable. The SQL instance is also not seen.

I have this setup, the strange thing for me is that the pings are responding, only the RDP and SQL are not.

@dal8moc @roberto

I have found that the situation is due to the fact that the listening ports of each service I modified. Normally inside the internal network I didn’t need to specify the port, only when coming from the outside, but I have added the port followed by the IP of the server, as well as in the SQL instance and I was able to establish the connection.

Thank you both very much for your valuable comments, indeed as recommended by @dal8moc , it is a safer way to use RDP.

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Glad you got it working and sorry for not replying in time. I was chasing down a couple of my own rabbit holes when setting both firewall options to ‚Block‘. It‘s a very interesting experience but it should go into a new thread. So have fun!