OpenVPN setup unable to complete

I had OpenVPN working fine on 2.21 and had used this guide:

My HD crashed and had to rebuild my entire setup. Am now running 2.25 core 144.

Have tried the same guide, but the screens are a bit different and I never get to a point where the start button is not greyed out.

Is there a newer/better guide? Am I missing something obvious?
(Definitely not a VPN expert…)


I would recommend to use the OpenVPN documentation in the project’s wiki instead.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

Yeah, that tells me what of all the various things.

But I have no idea what needs to be done and in what order, etc.

And, I think I’ve done everything, but, the button is still grey.

Ok, got it.

Apparently there has to be at least one user profile created.

After that the start server button un-grayed.

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I just setup my first OpenVPN and had a similar experience.
Glad you worked it out.