OpenVPN Roadwarrior Statistics Graphs (from removed user)

hey friends,

I noticed that when I look at the road-warrior statistics, there are many old graphs from clients that no longer exist.

what is the best way to clean up there?

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this is a known bug (#11713) assigned to @ummeegge since he is the master of disaster of OpenVPN in IPFire. :wink:

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

nice to known! thanks Peter i’m not alone. :slight_smile: :relieved:

Hi all,
sorry for the late replay but there are currently a lot of other things around the corner :hot_face: .
Wanted to link to --> whereby i have checked the openvpnctrl via an

/usr/local/bin/openvpnctrl -drrd {CONNECTIONNAME}

which does not work. So the problem is somewhere in one of those patches -->;a=blobdiff;f=src/misc-progs/openvpnctrl.c;h=5d3f8af73b43ba7b8c6f734ae74648c93bfae567;hp=d20cced7743b80bdfc91c1875b54c2e33d0ca337;hb=e1297cbb7659618c526fdc1ab07e97f57f55fd78;hpb=6b7cbc8f335106a0d8e8860f343a51bda8e14dbb -->;a=blobdiff;f=src/misc-progs/openvpnctrl.c;h=20967e471c4085bcb30cf375882c9ed71d8aff44;hp=bba84ca7cf8972bf0a457b793738d7e1a9f31145;hb=c63e97bbaf668813ed221d4bcad9019429705a31;hpb=462056ad86e97384b48705a0655aa701147c5167

it might be great if @ms or @amarx can make a walk over it.



And what is the problem? Could you please update the ticket and I will have a look.

Hi Michael,




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