OpenVPN restrict access to 1194

Good morning,

I am using openvpn on a Ipfire firewall to connect to 2 offices together, and it works well.

I dont use any other vpn on the 2nd office, but i do have a card machine, and they scan the network for which ports are being used.

is it possible to restrict port 1194 in the firewall rules to only allow 1 ip address.

I know i have the option of changing the port number. but that would be a pain as i would have to re-create it and i only have remote access at the moment.

Would you please elaborate?

Yep… Any to RED port 1194. But you have to… try.

In the second office, we only use the VPN to connect the 2 offices, no one else connects to the VPN,

The card machine is to take card payments and we have to have a PCI DSS, to confirm our network is secure. but it fails as port 1194 is open for VPN. but if can restrict the port to only 1 IP address, i can get round this issue.

I have tried to do some rules, but without success, without no rules port 1194 is open. what i need to do it close it everything but 1 ip address.

Port is open or closed. No other options.
Firewall can drop connection to OpenVPN service which are not coming from the pubblic ip address you specified…