OpenVPN on second router

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I starting with setup IPFire in my home. I had 2 routers, connected like in this diagram.

I bought static WAN address from my ISP. I setup OpenVPN in this configuration. OpenVPN client connecting to server, pinging computers and printers in But I can’t open mapped hard drive. I have a problem with open files sharing in local network from another computer in local network. Normally, if I’m connected to GREEN, all working great.

I set port forwarding 1194 to on router #1. If I didn’t setup this, VPN never was conected.
I’ve tried a lot of confugations and now I’m giving up. I will be grateful for any help.

In router #2, OpenVPN, Advanced Server Options, did you set the Domain and DNS ?

No, I wasn’t setup Domain and DNS. What I should set up there?

the domain and dns as defined in router #2.
Domain might be lan or lokal or … and DNS

Port Forwarding is a definite must since you’re on a Double-NAT setup and your OpenVPN server is at Router#2.

I take it that you were able to make this work and if this is so, what are the remaining problems?

Yes, I set up port forwarding in router #1, I can connecting with OpenVPN. Remaining problem is I can’t map my network disk. I have network disk on computer I can ping this address, when I be connect by VPN. But I can’t map hard disk from this IP address via VPN

When I was connected in local network (green) I can map my hard disk normally.

So the problem is, I can’t see mapped hard drive, when I be connect by VPN.

The VPN is connected corectly, because printers work normally via VPN.

You do not say how you map the drive, do you use samba, nfs, what?

from File Manager, smb:// 

sudo mount -t cifs // /home/michal/share
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I mapping by Windows function. “\\\Dysk_HA”

Anyone have some idea?

That’s a UNC share so you need to have ports 445 and 139 allowed between the VPN zone and your Green Zone. Also, sorry for the late reps m8