OPENVPN on Andoid : HMAC authentication failed


I get a new android handy and had to install the vpn connection again.

But I get the failure “Authenticate/Decrypt packet error: packet HMAC authentication failed”
within the log.
I get a connection shown with “Connectd” in the web interface of IPFire and on the handy as well, but I can not access any ip.

Does somebody know where my problem is ?

Best regards

This looks like settings on the phone are different than on the server. Maybe the static TLS key is missing?

I doublecheck the settings with my old handy (Android Version 9) with my new handy (Android 11) and used the same settings and files for the installation. I also did not changed anything on IPFire.

I still running into failure.

Is there somewhere in the “net” a good installation description, which I can use for double check ?

Best regards


get it run with:

  • clearing all datas and settings of the app (maybe because of the Samsung Sync old to new
  • Creating a new Setting

General Settings

  • No LZO Compression
    Android Certification Memory
    - Add the file from Ipfire Client Settings
    - Add CA Certifcate from the IPFire Host

Server Setting

  • Enter the IP Address of my DNS
  • Port 1194
  • UDP
  • Proxy None

IP and DNS

  • Information call
    IP Address, Routing and other Option request by the server

  • No local Binding

  • Routine
    Block IPv6 (or IPv4) if not used Selected

  • IPV4
    Default Route selected

  • IPV6
    Default Route selected

Authentisation and
Cryoptho algorithmus “AES-256-CBC”

Paket- Authentisation “SHA512”

After these settings, the connection works without any problem.
I guess, the transfer from the old handy does not worked that perfect. It also
does not tranfer the certificates.

Best regards