OpenVPN Network nor IPfire box can ping client

Generally I’ve not interest in accessing the clients.
However, this time we’d like to be able to rdp to the roadwarrior.

I see where, on the road warrior connection we can add the local network for ipfire to access.
So I entered this:
But I’ve had no luck passing traffic through to the road warrior.

Is there something I’m missing?

There is no IpFire/roadwarrior way to do that. You can use net-to-net OpenVPNs though, but I have only used that for ipfire-to-ipfire scenarios.

However OpenVPN in itself supports it, but you must hack the config yourself. A quick search yields this result:
It might be more fruitful to set up a net-to-net connection with the road warrior router though.

In most cases, the roadworrarrior client connects to the GREEN network host (s).

If I understand correctly …

…You need access, to a single roadwarrior client, from a host(s) in GREEN network, for RDP connection.
Yes or not?

(Sorry my English isn’t perfect. I’m using translator.)

For example

for connect RDP, from host(s) in GREEN network to roadwarrior client,
you have to enter the IP address, assigned to roadwarrior, into the RDP client

Please note that the roadwarrior client should accept connections from host (s) in the GREEN network.

I do not seem to have that option. There is no second choice between “Choose a Network” and "advanced client options.

Hi @dragonslayr

The default setting for IP’s for the OpenVPN clients is dynamic. If you want to apply firewall rules to OpenVPN clients you need to set up the Static Address Pools and you can then assign a fixed IP address for each OpenVPN client.

On the Global Settings section of the OpenVPN page press the Static IP address pools button (turn off the openvpn server first) and follow the wiki page

Once you have set up the Static IP address pool then you need to edit each client and the static IP radio button will now be present as @tphz showed it and you can then define the static IP for each client that needs it.

You will then need to re-install the conf file for each client that you have changed to a static IP

I prepared test environment and I will try to show you step by step
This is just a simple example.

In Openvpn you can use dynamic or static pool IP addressing.

For add static pool, must stop OpenVPN Serwer first.
After stopping the server, you click “Static IP address pools”

then enter the adress pool name, network address and subnet mask

then start OpenVPN Server

After adding a static address pool you click on the pencil

then you can set the static address for the roadwarrior client

then as @bonnietwin wrote.

If you need it only once acces then you need to know what ip address the roadworrior client has.

or if you do not have WIO then go to System Logs–>Openvpn


Does anyone know how else to check the dynamic address of the roadwarrior client on IPFire?


Just wanted to say thank you! Great instructions!!
Worked wonderfully!

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