OpenVPN N2N connection is no longer established

Hello community,

we have a customer who connected two locations with 2 IPFire (Core 139) over OpenVPN N2N.
Generally we have set up a script on the client side that pings the other side every minute. If the ping is unsuccessful, the N2N connection is disconnected and restarted. This helps us with the provider forced disconnection in connection with VDSL.

But it happens every few weeks that this connection is no longer active and cannot be reconnected either via the script or manually via the GUI.
The problem here seems to be the interface “tun1” on the client side. This interface is not automatically terminated and cannot be removed manually. Until now I always had to restart the client side if there was a problem. An automatic nightly restart of the IPFire (client side) usually caused the problem even more.

If the problem occurs, the roadwarrior connections still work, as they run via “tun0”.

I suspect that the problem occurs when the server side is forced to disconnect the provider or restart the IPFire.

What could be the reason for that? Is there a solution for this?

We have this problem only with this customer. We have several customers where we have set up OpenVPN N2N.

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Yesterday we had this problem again.

Is there at least one way to terminate the tun interface in question (a kind of taskkill) and restart it without completely restarting IPFire?