OpenVPN N2N Blue network Site 1 to Green network Site 2

Hi there,

i have successfully done the setup for a site to site VPN. Currently, both green networks on both sites are connected by N2N Open VPN.

Now i need to adapt the VPN to give devices in the blue network at site 1 the possibility to access the green network on site 2

Example: The AP-Home at Site 1 ( needs to have access to the DC01 (

Unfortunatelly, i can´t find a solution for this.

Br, Daniel

I dont known if this is right solution but it was working for me.

Create static address pool in openvpn, and then in firewall connect blue to openvpn.

Hi all,
@digiz222 the static pool is only available for Roadwarriors.
@stramius it should be enough if you enter the the blue subnet under ‘DC01’ as ‘route’ in the n2n configuration file under /var/ipfire/ovpn/n2nconf/{connectionnamen2n}/{connectionnamen2n.conf}
and restart the connetion. Take care that the FW rules are set if needed.




Hi all,

@ummeegge: Thank you so much. By adding the route line in the N2N Config file on the ipfire-harl device and adding the firewall rules on the ipfire-home device it works now perfect.

Br, Daniel