Openvpn- IPFIRE - Advance Server options - No secondary DNS server field

Hello Community:

I have have been trying to set a global static DNS1 and DNS2 entry for my openvpn clients. When I go in to the advance server options for openvpn, there is only 1 entry. I can set static dns entries to push to the clients within each certificate, in the “advance client options” however, I don’t want to do this for 100’s of users. I would like to set a global setting to push 2 dns entries. Editing the /var/ipfire/opvn/settings file will force 2 entries, but does not work. Editing the /var/ipfire/opvn/server.config does push the dns entries and works for the clients but gets overwritten every time the gui is touched and is a 1 time use. I need a solution whether it means editing a config file or adding the option in the gui where I can push 2 dns servers to my clients AND I can still continue to edit\add\remove users and settings in the ipfire openvpn server config.

My specs:
Vmware esxi server host
IPFIRE version - IPFire 2.27 (x86_64) - Core Update 160

Found the solution myself - I would assume community would need this. Also hoping to add key words DNS2 - Multiple DNS servers on Openvpn- Multiple DNS servers on IPFIRE

-set multiple DNS servers - use additional configuration under vpn server advance options
-edit the following file /var/ipfire/ovpn/scripts/server.conf.local with the following lines
#Client gets these nameservers
push “dhcp-option DNS xx.xx.xx.xx”
push “dhcp-option DNS xx.xx.xx.xx”


Great news that you worked out a solution :+1:.

As it could be useful to others it would be good if you could update the wiki to include this information.

Your IPFire people login credentials will give you edit access. Just click on the red bar at bottom of the page you want to edit.