OpenVPN: how to connect from network to RoadWarrior-Client


the OpenVPN connection works and from the client (RoadWarrior) I can connect to the network. I have access to the shares on the server and can use a RDP connection to logon the server as well.

But how can I do the opposite way, connect from the network to the client? In a case somebody who is outside needs support and I need a RDP connection with one of the RoadWarrior clients or need access a share?

What do I need to setup that this way also works?

I tried to add a new firewall rule (outgoing firewall access), green interface (source) to OpenVPN client (target), but it doesn’t work.

Do I need some special route?

OpenVPN subnet:
Static IP-Address-Pool*:

*all Clients have a static IP from the pool

Hi @georg

If possible, I have it in such a Client. First, you will need to know the virtual IP that OpenVPN has given you. You can see that in the OpenVPN Menu under “OpenVPN connection statistics”.

Then, on your computer, you must adapt the Firewall rules to make it work properly. If it is Windows, in the Windows Firewall. (Enable Remote Desktop and create the rule).