OpenVPN Core 144 - not fully operational, just routes HTTPS

Hello Guys and Girls,

after upgrading my IPFires to Core 144 my OpenVPN is not working anymore.
It does establish the VPN Connection, but iam not able to ping or rdp neither do anything in that VPN. DNS is correct and GW is redirected.

The only thing iam able to do, is to open my Intranet Webservers in Firefox. Seems like OpenVPN ONLY routes HTTPS trough that tunnel. ICMP Ping and 3380 RDP is not possible.
Changing Firewall Policy to from forward to blocked and setting up manually forwarding rules from red and openvpn to green does not change anything.

Anyone else facing same issues with Core 144?

best regards


Not really 144 runs fine here. Without any further information regarding your ip, network settings, routes, fw rules etc. I am afraid your question is hard to answer. As rough guess I would say Firewall and/or IDS/IPS (if active).