Openfortivpn client


Is it possible to have an openforitvpn client in the distribution ?

Thanks in advance

I am just an IPFire user, therefore I speak only my opinion here.

IPFire does not have any VPN clients. It includes OpenVPN and IPSec servers for Roadwarrior (client/server) or NET2NET encrypted tunnels.

The main purpose of this specialized Linux distribution is to be a firewall and to keep the network safe. Any addition to its ecosystem has to balance several tradeoffs, including the increased complexity and attack’s surface, utility of new use cases and priorities of the developers time, which is very limited.

Having said that, IPFire is open source, therefore you can modify it as you wish. You can go to the wiki, find the developers section and follow the tutorials to create a new add-on. You will find here help in accomplishing this task if you decide to go for it and eventually submit your modifications to the project.

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Hello cfusco,
Thank you for answering.

I’m not a network specialist.

Actually, I connect to office VPN with l2tp/ipsec clients from every computer (Windows or Linux) in my local network that need it.

The VPN will change soon to fortigate.
Under Linux, it’s easy, i’ve already compiled openfortivpn.
Under windows, I have to install fortigate VPN client(I don’t like it) on each machine that needs it and I don’t want to do so if it’s possible…

So my idea is : Can my router handle the connection to my officeVPN and is available for the local network ?

I know very little, but I believe you could do something like that. If your Fortigate can use IPSec and you work together with its sysadmin, I believe you could establish a Net2Net tunnel and then IPFire would route your traffic through the tunnel. A very dumb down explanation of the concept in this video: MicroNugget: IPsec Site to Site VPN Tunnels Explained | CBT Nuggets - YouTube

The other possibility of your setting, having a client in each computer in your net, that’s a road warrior connection.