Open VPN no ping to

Hi @ all,

we have an OpenVPN running over ipfire. The login works. We can connect to any server in the school but not to the server with ip IP or

Are the IP addresses out of range?
We use the connection type:
Host-to-Net Virtual Private Network (RoadWarrior)

Where is the error?

Thanks to all who help us


in case they should be reached via that OpenVPN connection: Yes. covers through, so anything outside that range won’t be routed through the OpenVPN connection.

In case of more complex CIDR calculations, I recommend sipcalc:

user@machine:~$ sipcalc
-[ipv4 :] - 0

Host address			-
Host address (decimal)	- 3232236032
Host address (hex)		- C0A80200
Network address			-
Network mask			-
Network mask (bits)		- 24
Network mask (hex)		- FFFFFF00
Broadcast address		-
Cisco wildcard			-
Addresses in network	- 256
Network range			- -
Usable range			- -


Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

sipcalc seems like a really good add-on for IPFire!

and I really wish I understood more about development and add-ons and builds!



yes, I suppose it is. Should not be too hard to package it, I will try to have a look at it within the next weeks…

However, it would be great to hear OP confirming or denying this being the solution to his/her (?) problem.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

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A very useful tool indeed but not one I personally would install on our IPFire hardware.