Open SSL error to decrypt the p12 key


I want to decrypt the P12 Key. But it doesn’t work. I need it to import the Certificate Information to my OpenVPN Connect Client On my Windows Computer and my Ubuntu System there come this Error Message.

"MAC: sha1, Iteration 2048

MAC length: 20, salt length: 8

PKCS7 Encrypted data: pbeWithSHA1And40BitRC2-CBC, Iteration 2048

Error outputting keys and certificates


The key is already encrypted in IPFire when it is created. You don’t need to encrypt it again on your Ubuntu machine.

The following OpenVPN Connect link gives details of importing the certificate on a windows machine.


Sry my mistake. I need it to Decrypt not Encrypt. I want to follow this steps.

No problems.

Just to check - You mentioned earlier wanting to import the certificate into OpenVPN Connect on a Windows machine but the wiki page you reference is to create a unified .ovpn file for using with an Apple iOS device.

If that is what you are trying to do at which step did you get an error?

I would also recommend following the steps on your IPFire machine rather than on another machine running Ubuntu, at least to start with, as IPFire is guaranteed to have all the required packages installed and with the required version numbers.

I just did a test of the openssl pkcs12 -nocerts -in .... command on my IPFire system and the .p12 file was successfully opened.


Hi all,
i think the “error:0308010C:d” error message have something to do with OpenSSL-3.x which won´t handle old/broken algorithms like RC2 and DES .
in here → OVPN Cert creation algo there are some ideas how to solve this problem.




Thank you Belka, but where are the p.12 files on the ipfire? Where can I find them over the terminal? Which directory?

They are located in


Thank you Adolf for the fast and competent answer!

And thank you Erik for your Problem solving!