Only blue and green

Hi forum users.
I have build a small x86-64 box with a 1000mbit and a nice 3:3 ac wireless card all hardware supported.
But I got issues building a access point with only two interfaces if I select red green blue and ignore setup of red then I do not have internet on the box itself for updates and install of hostapd etc. And if I instead ignore the green then I can’t access the web interface.
I miss a simple two interface setup in the network setup wizard, ie. green and blue in bridge accesspoint mode…
But do anyone know a guide for this or a simple way to setup the route commands and iptables commands to give my internet access on the green interface if I ignore “red” in network setup.
I have been fiddling around with route add and del for my green interface but can’t seam to get it right.
And yes I got wired a 3 interface box I front of my network handling it all so I don’t need the filtering and IDS features on this small box.

Hi @and0806

Welcome to the IPFire community.

IPFire is a firewall/router distribution and so it always requires a red interface to be present. It has not been designed to be used as a Wireless Access Point alone, although you can use it as a firewall/router with integrated WAP .

If what you want must only provide a WAP capability without any firewall capability then you need to look for a different distribution.

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