One question about wireless

I have a Panda Wireless USB connection Model PAU09 [N600]. It is dual band and high speed input/output. I have tried hard to come up with the needed hardware to put the wireless inside the firewall. Problem is that most cards I’ve tried are not supported. This Panda works great on it as a wireless connection and I have found no issues. My question is this: Since it works on IPFire as a standard connection, can I bring up Blue and assign the Panda as my “Firewall Wireless LAN Server”? Everything thing going in and out from my LAN is checked?
A simple Yes or No will be okay. Unless, of course, you wish more info which I will be happy to provide. Thank you guys very much.

No expert But looks like it may supported.
Give it a try. Let us know.

Although it is possible to use a USB interface for a Wireless LAN server, I generally do not like to use a USB devices for critical services like a firewall. They can sometimes be less reliable or performant than internal hardware. If possible, I would suggest considering a dedicated access point connected via an Ethernet interface for improved stability and performance. However, if you do not have this option and high reliability isn’t a strict requirement, using the Panda Wireless USB could be a viable solution.

It is prudent to test its performance under typical load conditions to ensure it meets your needs. If you do that, it would be helpful for others to share your results with this community.


Agree. Since you are using a laptop or desktop device on the IPFire box you may want to check this:

Does this device support “simultaneous” operation on both the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz frequency bands when functioning as an access point? The Panda device may only support single-band operation. Which means pick only one band.


That is it, by tool of the manufacturer, he will be able to use both bands.
By just an driver, it will work at one band 2.4GHz.

Therefore I use an Access Point connected to blue RJ45 eth. I could not get it to work on both bands.

But maybe the chip offer more? He can give us feedback to this point.


I can see this will be long and drawn out. I will have to do this only during certain hours or when I have some downtime. A quick try at it indicates it does have a few issues to solve. The first one will be “No Wireless Extensions”. It sees the other wireless and for a long distance. It will scan if you tell it to. On a laptop it will accept an IP address but so far I haven’t been able to get it to. Probably because of the Extension issue. I will update this as I progress (or until I give up). The “Both Bands” issue will most likely be the last in my list to try to resolve.
Thank you guys for all your suggestions. I appreciate the help you offer.