On navigating the Web User Interface from console with elinks

Sometimes it may happen, that a misconfiguration doesn’t allow adminstration through the WUI.
There remain two access modes to the system:

  • SSH access ( not necessarily enabled )

  • Console access ( depending on the system per serial connection and/or monitor/keyboard ). This should be operational in every case. Physical access to the IPFire HW is necessary

Both cases let one access the system from the shell.
Apart from the basic configuration with setup you can access the WUI with the elinks program.

This program gives access to the web pages of IPFire. It isn’t very comfortable, but sufficient to reconfigure the system for ‘normal’ web access.
The headline shows the actual page chosen. Additionally there is a page number [n/m].
The page can be accessed by scrolling down.
The standard page styles ( with the scroll down menus ) are displayed a bit ‘inconvenient’. All menu topics are listed first. The actual web page is situated at the end.

Chosing a style with side menus ( maniac, ipfire-legacy ) makes navigation somewhat easier.
On top of the page printed there is the side menu of the selected main menu ( system, status, … ) only.
Switching to another main menu is done at the end of the pages.

Hope this short text helps in worst case situations.

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Is there any info in the wiki about elinks.
If so I have not found it.
Should be added somewhere.

Just started on elinks wiki page:


( more information to add! )