Old topic - continuation

Hi guys, this is in reference to an old closed topic.

Old reference: IPFire 2.27 - Core Update 159 - Raspberry pi 4?

I’m having the same issue as discussed in that old topic thread and I tried with 3 different SD cards (3 different brands) and tried it with no keyboard/mouse and monitor disconnected and got the same error. I’m using the latest image from the main download site.

Has anyone found a solution? Does the errors make any sense?

Note: if I use a USB flash/thumb drive (regular USB drive) it boots up to the login screen, but not with a SDCards. With SDcards it goes into that never ending error loop.

With a SanDisk SDCard I get error -5. And with a Samsung Pro I get error -22, I get the same error code -22 with another brand (cheaper brand).

It’s looking like a fault in whatever SD card reader or app you are using to write the cards.

SD cards can be cleared using a proprietary formatter: SDFormat It’s closed source, so difficult to know what additional steps it is performing. Most useful for new cards.

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Rodney Peters, thank you for the Formatter tool. I’ll give it a try.

For some strange reason, it boots and works with a regular USB flash drive/pendrive/thumbdrive. I’ll stick to the USB drive until I get more time to play with the SD Cards again. I spent all day today with the SD Cards and I’m tired LOL :laughing:. USB works with no issues for some reason :person_shrugging:.

Again, thank you Rodney Peters.

Years since I used RPi, but ISTR that activating USB boot on them was a one-way street, that simultaneously removed SD from the boot order. That might have changed with the later RPi.

I’ve had minimal problems writing SD cards for nanopi, bananapi & cubitruck, via a variety of SD card readers, so I think your problem is with the SD card reader. Are you writing the card on a 64-bit computer ?